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“Logan Samford, from the Great Plains of Texas and raised in the small town of Nazareth, Texas, is now sweeping through the state and spreading his unique blend of rock and country sounds. Logan has been in other Texas/Red Dirt bands such as “Seven Miles South” and his most recent project “Shotgun Rider” which was disbanded just recently. He has decided to keep pursuing his musical career as a solo artist from now on and released his self-titled E.P. on January 31st, 2020. Logan started playing guitar at the young age of twelve and eventually started writing songs shortly after. His musical influences such as Gary Allan, Nirvana, Ryan Adams, George Strait, and many more have all been important figures when it comes to Logan’s style. When watching a show you will notice the energy that he puts off and his connection with the crowd on stage. From love songs to sad drinking songs, Logan brings a full country package to the table and will leave you wanting more.”

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